Monday, August 4, 2008

Balwyn High CV Secondary Schools Championship 2008

An interschool chess competition, the Balwyn High CV Secondary Schools Competition, was held at Balwyn High School. It was a 7-round tournament with many schools competing. Teams consist of 5 players, players cannot play against teammates but can play against players from other teams in the same school. The team which scores the most points, with the most possible being 28, wins the event.

Scotch College Team 1 won the event, with players (in order of scoring from most points to least) Zhigen Lin (2104), Derek Yu (1886), Eugene Schon (1960), Nicholas Liu (1428) and Kai Nagao.

The best individual results, which received trophies, were:
1st Chris Wallis (2153) 6.5/7
2nd-4th Zhigen Lin, Derek Yu and James Cameron (1709) 6/7

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