Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 Canterbury Summer Swiss

The 2008 Canterbury Summer Swiss was held at Box Hill Chess Club (it seems everything is being held there) from the 27-30th of December. There were 8 rounds played over 4 days. The field is reasonably strong, with the top seed being Samuel Chow (2328).

Bobby Cheng (2085) came first with a stunning performance on 7/8. He was leading the tournament the whole way.

Samuel Chow (2328) took 2nd place with 6.5/8. 3rd-5th place was shared between Carl Gorka (2011), Eugene Schön (1931) and Cedric Antolis (1889).

The results can be found on the official Chess Victoria website, under CV-approved Tournaments.


Alex said...

I have added this Blog to the Blog Links on OzChess. Your reporting of the Canterbury Swiss is quite a nice summarization I thought. A few of the games have been posted on OzChess. Most notably this event has seen a few people lose games due to their mobiles going off during game time!


GeniusProphecy said...

Oh okay, thanks for that. Hmm, I didn't hear about the mobile phone thing, but overall, the tournament was a great effort by Bobby Cheng.