Sunday, July 5, 2009

2009 Freytag Checkmate Open

The 2009 Freytag Checkmate Open was held at Rostrevor College in Adelaide from the 4-5th of July. There was a strong turnout of 40 players with top seed being IM (GM next rating period) David Smerdon (2526). This was a class 5 Grand Prix event.

Here are the final results:
1st David Smerdon (2526) on 6/7
2nd FM (IM next rating period) James Morris (2089) on 5.5/7
3rd-5th Trevor Tao (2397), Yi Yuan (2199) and GM Darryl Johansen (2459) on 5/7

Click here to see the final crosstable for the 2009 Freytag Checkmate Open.

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