Thursday, September 10, 2009

2009 CV Secondary Schools Championship Finals

The 2009 CV Secondary Schools Championship Finals (or the 2009 Chess Victoria Schools Finals) was held at Box Hill Chess Club on the 10th of September. The turnout was very strong. Arbiter and organiser IM Leonid Sandler said that 90% of Victoria's best juniors were in attendance. Many of the strongest juniors are hardly playing since they have to concentrate on their studies and this tournament is one of the few in which most of them appear out of the woodwork.

Here are the final results:
1st Scotch College 22.5/28
2nd Balwyn High 20.5/28
3rd Melbourne High 18/28

Individual standings:
1st-2nd Eugene Schön (2173), Zhigen Lin (2146) with 6.5/7
3rd-4th Christopher Wallis (2234), Farn Ling Khung (1143) with 5.5/7

The Scotch College team comprised of Eugene Schön, Zhigen Lin, Derek Yu (2009), Nicholas Liu (1706) and Richard Owen.

Scotch College will now be advancing onto the nationals, which is being held at Melbourne this year.

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