Sunday, February 1, 2009

2009 Box Hill Autumn Cup

The 2009 Box Hill Chess Club Autumn Cup (which I won in 2007!) will be held from the 6th of Feburary-27th of March, 2009. The venue is the Box Hill Chess Club in Melbourne, Victoria. It will be a 7-round swiss "accelerated" tournament. There is a $1,000 total prize fund. The top seed is currently Geoff Saw (2276) according to the entries page.

Click here for the official page to the 2009 Box Hill Autumn Cup.


GeniusProphecy said...

Thanks Alex,

Yeah, Leon Kempen shared equal first with me. I think I was leading the tournament until I faultered near the end, but won 1st anyhow. said...

I knew you could do it GP!