Sunday, January 25, 2009

2009 Queenstown Chess Classic

The 2009 Queenstown Chess Classic was held in Queenstown, New Zealand from the 15th-24th of January. It was a 10-round FIDE-rated event. The venue was the Millennium Hotel. Top seed in the event was Israeli GM Victor Mikhalevski (2608).

Here are the final results
1st IM David Smerdon (2463) 8/10
2nd-7th GMs Eduardas Rozentalis (2590), Victor Mikhalevski, Klaus Bischoff (2545), Gawain Jones (2540), Dimitrios Mastrovasilis (2580), Leif Erlend Johannessen (2539) all on 7.5/10

Igor Goldenberg (2398, 6.5/10) secured his final norm and raised his rating above 2400 which makes him an IM. In addition, IM norms were scored by Sam Chow (2267, 7/10), Domagoj Dragicevic (2205, 7/10) and Andrew Brown (1987, 6.5/10).

Click here to view the final standings of the Queenstown Chess Classic 2009.

4 comments: said...

I am thrilled to see David Smerdon's successful result. It is truly fantastic to see a young Australian win a strong international chess event like this. Hopefully the trailblazing won't stop in Queenstown!

GeniusProphecy said...

Yes, I think he had won the event before the last round. He only needs 11.2 points left to secure the GM title which he will no doubt achieve.


Ivan said...

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GeniusProphecy said...

Thanks, I'll check out your blog.