Sunday, December 6, 2009

2009 Australian Schools Teams Championships

The 2009 Australian Schools Teams Championships was held in Scotch College, Melbourne, on the 5th and 6th of December. The highly populated tournament was organised by Kerry Lyall and arbitered by Dr Charles Zworestine.

Here are the final results:

Secondary Open

1st Scotch College VIC (19/20)
2nd North Sydney Boys High NSW (13/20)
3rd Kings Christian College QLD (12.5/20)

Winning team in board order: Zhigen Lin (2146), Eugene Schön (2171), Derek Yu (2009), Nicholas Liu (1847), Richard Owen (unr)

Secondary Girls
1st Somerset College QLD (16/20)
2nd Presbyterian Ladies College VIC (15/20)
3rd Radford College ACT (12/20)

Primary Open
1st Mount View VIC (18/20)
2nd Kings QLD (12.5/20)
3rd Carlingford West NSW (9.5/20)

Primary Girls
1st Somerville House QLD (18/20)
2nd Curtin ACT (15
Presbyterian Ladies College VIC (11/20)

Click here for the final results to the 2009 Australian Schools Teams Championships.

The games from the tournament will be available in due course on the website.

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