Thursday, January 15, 2009

2009 Australian Open Chess Championships

The 2009 Australian Open Chess Championships will be held at the Manly-Warringah Rugby Leagues Club in Sydney. It will be played from the 2nd-11th of January (shorter than the Juniors! Although one could argue that adults are 'busier'). This tournament is a an 11-Round FIDE-rated event. According to the website, the top seed was Mark Chapman (2402).

This tournament also encompasses an Under 1600 Tournament and the Australian Open Lightning Championship.

Here are the final results of Australian Open:
1st-2nd IM Aleksandar Wohl (2342), IM George Xie (2397) on 9/11
3rd-5th IM Mark Chapman (2402), Eugene Schön (2115), Jason Hu (2182) on 8/11

The Under 1600 Tournament was won by Calvin Bennet (1567) and Anton Smirnov (1440).

The Australian Open Lightning Championship was shared by CM Max Illingworth and FM Jesse Sales.

The results of the Australian Open and its sister events can be found at the official 2009 Australian Open Chess Championships website.

For information on the Australian Junior Chess Championships, see below.


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