Thursday, January 15, 2009

2009 Lidums Australian Junior Chess Championships

The 2009 Lidums Australian Junior Chess Championships will be held at Saint Ignatius' College in Athelstone, Adelaide. The competition goes from the 2nd-13th of January and the Under 18 Open Division will be FIDE rated (for some reason). The top seeds were Yi Yuan and Yita Choong, both rated 2058.

This tournament also encompasses the Australian Junior Rapid tournament, the Australian Juniors Lightning Championship (which I won U16 last year!) and a Problem Solving competition.

Here are the final results:
1st-2nd Cedric Antolis (1889) and Yi Yuan on 10/11; Cedric won the U18 title by winning the play-off 1.5-0.5
3rd Andrew Brown (2017) on 8.5/11

The 2009 Australian Juniors Rapidplay was won by Gene Nakauchi, on 6/6.

The 2009 Australian Juniors Lightning Championship was shared by Cedric Antolis and Andrew Brown, both on 9/11.

Problem Solving competition was won by Yita Choong with a full score.

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